The detailed information
Product model:Q301-AP28-410     product types: pump dispenser
Material: PP
Related accessories: straw, glass ball, gaskets
Process: injection molding

The product details
Product name: distribution of emulsion pump
Product model:Q301-AP28-410
Measure water yield/pump: 4.0 + / - 0.4 g (33 mm)
The pump number: pump out by 3-4 times
Suitable for: generally applicable to the shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner etc emulsion liquid.
Packing quantity: 450-500pcs/ctn
Carton size: 600 mm * 320 mm * 305 mm
Product color as per clients's reuqirement .
Characteristics: the product pump is smooth, fast out of the liquid.Good sealing, no leaking and Uniform spray amount
Quality: multiple leak proof design, provide your biggest guarantee
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